Title: Welcome to DART
Presenter: Jackson Cothren
Date presented: October 28, 2020


Dr. Jackson Cothren will present an overview of the National Science Foundation-funded EPSCoR Track 1 award entitled, “Data Analytics that are Robust and Trusted (DART): From Smart Curation to Socially Aware Decision Making.”

Presenter Bios

Dr. Jackson Cothren is the Science Director of the DART project and a CoLead in the Coordinated Cyberinfrastructure Research Theme. Cothren is a professor in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Arkansas and leads both the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies and the Arkansas High Performance Computing Center. Dr. Cothren’s research interests include various aspects of digital photogrammetry and computer vision including non-traditional sensor modeling, feature extraction and matching for orientation, surface generation, adjustment models and integration with enterprise-scale geospatial information systems.