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NameLinkAffiliationPIResearch ThemeDescription
Multimedia Online Information Environment Characterization Framework AgarwalSMA multi-modal approach toward such social media platforms would improve the efforts to monitor, track, detect, and mitigate the emerging threats in the information environment.
TRANS-MAP Data Hub, Cothren, and RainwaterCI, SM, LPA framework for exposing large-scale data and visualization tools related to maritime freight transportation on infrastructure, systems, and networks accessible to humans and machines through the Internet of things, in order to enable improved resilience, planning, investment and operational decisions.
Data Washing Machine, Python Refactor TalburtDCThe data washing machine is a python program for automatically cleaning and clustering certain types of data files. The primary use case the multiple sources of the same information, i.e., file with redundant references to the same entity.
COVID-19 Misinformation Tracker AgarwalSMCOVID-19 Misinformation tracker educates people about COVID-19 misinformation, scams, and conspiracy theories. The software also provides tips on how to identify non-trustworthy information and sources.
Vtracker: Track Video Data AgarwalSMvTracker helps users track and analyze videos of interest. vTracker monitors and suggests valuable insights in a drill-down fashion using multimedia, content, and social network analysis.
Btracker: Track Blog Data AgarwalSMBlogtracker helps users track and analyze blogs of particular interests. Blogtracker monitors and suggests valuable insights in a drill-down fashion using content analysis and social network analysis.
CQ100: A High-Quality Image Dataset for Color Quantization Research CelebiLPCQ100 is a diverse and high-quality dataset of color images that can be used to develop, test, and compare color quantization algorithms. The dataset can also be used in other color image processing tasks, including filtering and segmentation.
DART Social Media and Networks: SM1 Group Website GauchSMSocial media and networking platforms have billions of active users and leverage significant impacts on society. New types of social media and networking platforms or new features of existing platforms continue to be developed to meet usersÂ’ demands.

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