The DART Monthly Webinar Series provides an opportunity for project faculty and students to share short presentations about their work followed by open discussion and questions. Webinar topics will rotate between project management items like reporting and overviews of DART as a project, as well as specific research topics, important research results, and more.

The agenda for these webinars includes:

  • 10 min (welcome and introduction)
  • 25 min (presentation)
  • 25 min (questions)  

Would you like to present? Please email dart-admin@groups.uark.edu to secure your date!

Webinar FAQs:

  • Webinars will be hosted using the University of Arkansas Zoom account which requires that you have a Zoom account to join (free accounts are available https://zoom.us/freesignup/).
  • All webinars will be recorded and made available after presentation if permission is granted from the presenters. Links will be posted on this site.
  • If you would like to receive notices for future webinars are not a DART student or faculty member, sign up here.

Featured Webinar

Webinar Archive

DateTitlePresentersResearch Theme
8-Feb-24The Future of EPSCoR in ArkansasJD Swanson (NSF EPSCoR Program Officer)N/A
29-Nov-23DART Collaboration Focus: Social AwarenessTBDSocial Awareness
25-Oct-23DART Collaboration Focus: Social Media and NetworksTBDSocial Media and Networks
27-Sep-23DART Collaboration Focus: Coordinated CyberinfrastructureTBDCoordinated Cyberinfrastructure
26-Apr-23DART Collaboration Focus: Learning and PredictionChase Rainwater (UAF Faculty); MD Karim (SAU Faculty); Heather Nachtmann (UAF Faculty)Learning and Prediction
29-Mar-23DART Collaboration Focus: Research Seed GrantsMelody Greer (UAMS Faculty); Sudeepa Bhattacharyya (A-State Faculty); Ahmed Abu Halimeh (UALR Faculty)Data Life Cycle and Curation, Learning and Prediction
22-Feb-23DART Collaboration Focus: Data Life Cycle and CurationJohn Talburt (UALR Faculty); David Ussery (UAMS Faculty); Se-Ran Jun (UAMS Faculty); Donghoon Kim (A-State Faculty)Data Life Cycle and Curation
26-Oct-22DART Seed Grant Recipient Presentations, Session 2Sudeep Bhattacharyya (A-State Faculty) and Melody Greer (UAMS Faculty), Jason Causey (A-State Faculty), and Yasir Rahmatallah (UAMS Faculty)Learning and Prediction and Data Life Cycle and Curation
28-Sep-22DART Seed Grant Recipient Presentations, Session 1Xiao Huang (UAF Faculty) and Ahmed Abu Halimeh (UALR)Coordinated Cyberinfrastructure, Learning and Prediction, and Data Life Cycle and Curation
31-Aug-22Data Life Cycle and Curation Graduate Student Lightening TalksAshley Herdman (UAMS DART GRA), Journey Eubank (UAMS DART GRA), Jewel Banik (UAMS DART GRA), Kanishka Manna (UAMS DART GRA), Sudip Panday (UAMS DART GRA), and Dave Ussery (UAMS Faculty)Data Life Cycle and Curation
27-Apr-22"2+2" Program Work-in-ProgressEducation Research ThemeEducation
30-Mar-22Racial and Gender Homophily in Classroom Discussion Networks (Social Media and Networks)Regan Harper (UAF DART GRA)Social Media and Networks
23-Feb-22Prediction and learning for designing materials for solar energy conversionRob Coridan (UAF Faculty)Learning and Prediction
26-Jan-22Precognition: Seeing through the Future
Khoa Luu (UAF Faculty)Learning and Prediction
1-Dec-21Deep Learning in Biomedical ImagingThi Hoang Ngan Le (UAF Faculty)Learning and Prediction
17-Nov-21Data Science Student Lightening TalksTrace Freeman (UAF DART UGRA), Jacob Haarala (UAF DART UGRA), Hayden McDonald (UAF DART UGRA), Lydia Sloan (UAF DART UGRA), Benjamin Zamzow (UAF DART GRA), along with an overview by Karl Schubert (UAF Faculty)Education
27-Oct-21Towards Robust Machine Learning under Distribution Shift and Adversarial AttackXintao Wu (UAF Faculty)Social Awareness
28-Jul-21Data Curation and SARS-CoV-2: population genomics of 2.5 million genomesDavid Ussery (UAMS Faculty)Data Life Cycle and Curation
30-Jun-21Education, Outreach, and Workforce DevelopmentStephen Addison (UCA Faculty); Jennifer Fowler (Central Office); Karl Schubert (UAF Faculty)Education
28-Apr-21Learning-based Approaches to Data-driven PredictionsMd Karim (SAU Faculty); Olcay Kursun (UCA Faculty); Xiao Liu (UAF Faculty); Chase Rainwater (UAF Faculty); Shengfan Zhang (UAF Faculty)Learning and Prediction
31-Mar-21Media Matters: Innovations to Improve the Value Derived from Social Media NetworksNitin Agrawal (UALR Faculty); Serhan Dagtas (UALR Faculty); Ashlea Bennett Milburn (UAF Faculty); Christopher Trudeau (UALR Faculty); Justin Zhan (UAF Faculty)Social Media and Networks
24-Feb-21Socially Aware Data AnalyticsChenyi Hu (UCA Faculty); Xiuzhen Huang (ASU Faculty); Toby Klein (UAF DART GRA); Qinghua Li (UAF Faculty); Zhenghui Sha (UAF Faculty); Ningning Wu (UALR Faculty); Xintao Wu (UAF Faculty); Anna Zajicek (UAF Faculty); Lu Zhang (UAF Faculty)Social Awareness
27-Jan-21First Steps toward a Data Washing MachineJohn Talburt (UALR Faculty); David Ussery (UAMS Faculty)Data Life Cycle and Curation
18-Nov-20DART Cyber Infrastructure ResourcesFred Prior (UAMS Faculty); Chris Angel (UAF Faculty); David Chaffin (UAF Faculty); Pawel Wolinski (UAF Faculty)Coordinated Cyberinfrastructure
28-Oct-20Welcome to DARTJackson Cothren (UAF Faculty)